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Retarded ejaculation: Overview of the disorder and treatment implications

28 July 1989


Retarded ejaculation (RE) or inhibited male orgasm is the chronic difficulty or inability to ejaculate despite the presence of adequate sexual interest, sexual arousal, and penile erection. Although few reports of RE exist in the literature, clinical investigators, through nonexperimental methods and case studies, have reported a variety of characteristics, behavioral patterns, personality traits, and etiologies associated with the disorder. A review of RE is provided to describe the disorder, to compare current treatment procedures, and to suggest that the disorder, at least in some clinical cases, can be conceptualized as a form of social phobia. In addition, it is suggested that rational-emotive therapy (RET), which has not been described previously in the RE literature, be utilized as an adjunct to traditional behavioral therapies directed at altering the dysfunctional symptomatology.


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