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The Efficacy of Surgical and Conservative Interventions for the Treatment of Hallux Valgus

1 May 2008


Clinical Bottom Line: Overall, the literature suggests that conservative treatments of orthoses and mobilizations and manipulations are appropriate interventions for patients with mild to moderate symptomatic hallux valgus. These interventions appear to provide pain relief and increased levels of function although it is unknown how long these results can be maintained. Surgical management of hallux valgus demonstrates greater amounts of pain relief and function compared to the conservative treatments examined. However, based on the literature at this time there is not one surgical procedure that produces superior results compared to another.

Clinical Scenario: Hallux valgus is a commonly reported foot problem in adults. Through our research and clinical experience, it appears there is little agreement on the best treatment to manage symptomatic hallux valgus. Evidence for the effectiveness of surgical and conservative interventions is very limited. We divided our literature search into two clinically answerable questions, one for conservative treatment and one for surgical treatment. We plan to learn if there is an optimal conservative treatment within the scope of physical therapy practice for mild to moderate symptomatic hallux valgus. We also plan to learn if there is a superior surgical procedure for this deformity.


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