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Manual and slide presentation of PUCO Vision Therapy Diagnostic Test Battery

1 May 1989


The purpose of this project was to produce an instructional slide presentation of the PUCO Vision Therapy Diagnostic Test Battery. It has been designed to introduce fourth year optometry students to the test battery at the start of their VT rotation. It is hoped that this project will improve the consistency of the presentation of the diagnostic battery. Practicing optometrists interested in Vision therapy may also find it useful. The manual and accompanying slides contain descriptions of 17 tests that are commonly used. to evaluate VT patients at PUCO. Each test description includes step by step instructions on how to administer and . score the test as well as information about the purpose of the test, indications for using it, apparatus and setup required, behaviors to look for, and a general critique. The accompanying slides are provided to illustrate and clarify key points of the tests. A separate packet of diagnostic test handouts is also included at the end of the slide presentation script. These handouts, which contain information and references about each individual test, can be used independently of the slides.


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