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Moving Into Stillness: A Mindfulness-Based Stress Prevention/Stress Reduction Program For College Students

20 April 2007


Stress is one of the leading factors that negatively affect success of students in college, yet few formal stress reduction programs for college students exist. In this dissertation the issue of stress in college students and how this issue is currently being conceptualized will be addressed. A program will be presented that can be used by colleges to help students learn how to manage stress and develop resilience to it. First, an overview of the literature concerning college student mental health and the role of stress is presented, followed by a review of mindfulness-based interventions and positive psychology interventions. An examination of wilderness therapy is presented next, including a rationale regarding the utility of a mindfulness based stress reduction program that is derived from a wilderness therapy program model. Program considerations, pretreatment issues, and assessment methods are reviewed,. and a model for evaluating the intervention is offered. Finally, the "Moving into Stillness Program" is presented as a stress reduction intervention for college students.


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