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From Stacking to Tasking: Throwing, Running, and Race in Quarterbacks

10 July 2019


There is a documented history of stereotyped and harmful media portrayals of athletes based on skin color. Some of these evident stereotypes, such as a “brain vs. Brawn" stereotype are evident within organizations as well, referred to as racial stacking. This racial stacking has seemed to decrease over time, however, a new form of stacking has emerged. Stacking has now become racial tasking, specifically within the quarterback position in football. ESPN classifications of individual quarterbacks (Pocket Passer vs Dual Threat) in cohorts of high school quarterbacks entering college football were examined for the presence of racial tasking. For the years 2013-2017, Black quarterbacks were far more likely to be categorized as Dual Threat, with White quarterbacks being more likely categorized as Pocket Passer. Racial tasking is present in the different levels of football and will most likely continue to have negative impacts on Black quarterbacks.

Keywords: race, racial stacking, racial tasking, football, racial inequality


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