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How the NCTM standards are implemented in a fourth grade classroom

1 January 1996


In 1989, the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics published a set of standards for mathematics instruction and curricula in grades kindergarten through twelve, that is in harmony with Pia~etian theory, particularly as it relates to constructivist learning. Known as the NCTM standards, this document has dramatically impacted mathematics instruction across the nation. The general question guiding this study is "How are the NCTM standards being implemented in a fourth grade classroom?" This question is expanded by three further questions: 1) How does the curriculum address the standards? 2) How does the teacher teach to the standards? 3) How do the students demonstrate the standards? The method of investigation was qualitative inquiry, and took place in an elementary school in a small suburban town near Portland, Oregon. The research showed that the fourth grade mathematics curriculum, Opening Eyes to Math, even though paper-and-pencil worksheets were added, was successful in implementing the NCTM standards


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