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Integrating technology with a first grade language arts curriculum

1 January 1997


School districts across the country have spent many thousands of dollars on computers. Members of those communities have asked, "Are teachers actually using the technology that our tax dollars have paid for?" and "Are they using it effectively? If not, why not?" It was the purpose of this study to investigate ways to integrate technology within a first grade language arts curriculum. The types of technology that were included were computers, printers, and the use of the Internet.

Teacher's attitudes about technology integration were analyzed. The teachers indicated the use of technology in their classrooms by plaCing themselves in an Implementation Stage which ranged from the Entry to the Inventive Stages. Colleagues were asked to share specific technology integrating activities and it was determined that most teachers created their own ideas. Resources for activities were found to be available through the district, however they were underutilized. A unit was created to help first grade teachers follow a guide that included lesson plans with specific activities to show the teaching of computer skills to first graders. The activities were integrated with the language arts curriculum. The language arts curriculum . included teaching students how to read, write, and communicate. The lesson plans are available for teachers to use as a resource. The data was collected through surveys, interviews and observations.


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