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Portfolio assessment

1 September 1993


Portfolio Assessment is an analytical paper designed to show evidence and support of portfolio assessment and evaluation being uses in schools throughout the United States. The research describes the concept, process, and evaluation of portfolio assessment. The observations of the portfolio process, the conceptual foundation of the paper, took place in a third grade classroom in a suburban school. I collected artifacts and interviewed students and their teacher to find that, if portfolios are to become effective as an alternative means of authentic assessment, teachers and students must collaboratively develop the processes to examining them. The purpose of this paper is to gain insight into portfolio assessment as an integral part of the curriculum with various current options and techniques made available for use. This paper is a step by step guide of integrating portfolios into the classroom. The paper offers guidelines and goals for teachers and future teachers to use when developing and implementing portfolio assessment. The result of this research offers first hand experience of how the portfolio process works, how to plan the process, how to implement the process, and how to assess the final product. The information provides educators additional evidence and additional considerations in the evaluation of the effectiveness of portfolio assessment.


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