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Reducing convict redivism: A program evaluation

13 December 2002


The reduction of recidivism is a prominent concern within the criminal justice system. Demographic data were gathered for 100 Better People program participants in the preliminary analysis, and 508 participants in the follow-up analysis. This evaluation was conducted for the purpose of observing correlations between demographic factors and success rate in the Better People program. Program participants consisted of ex-offenders. The goal of the Better People program is to reduce recidivism among ex-offenders. In addition to demographic data, several participants also participated in Structured Behavioral Interviews, and Readiness to Change Assessments. It was hypothesized that demographic variables would correlate with rate of success within the program. Overall, the Better People program appears to be effective across most demographic variables, with the length of time that a person remains in the program producing the strongest correlation with program success.


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