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Description and comparison of Pacific University physician assistant program graduates regarding employmeny, salary, benefits, financial impact of education, and professionl development: Analysis of Pacific University graduate SURVEYS

1 August 2004


Context: After graduating from Pacific University's Physician Assistant (P A) program, . graduates were asked to complete a survey aimed at describing aspects of employment, salary benefits, financial impact from education, and professional development.

Objective: To discover the usefulness of these questions and whether they should remain in the survey.

Method: The Graduates of the PA program were surveyed from 1999 to 2002. The descriptive data concerning employment were analyzed to enable a description of PA graduates regarding type of employment, salary and benefit packages, financial impact of education, and professional development within Pacific University PA program. In order to show that these survey questions are a benefit and should remain in the survey, the responses to the questions were reviewed looking at.the number of unanswered questions and inappropriate responses to each question. Furthermore, the overall description of the graduates was compared with the national census as reported by the American Academy of Physician Assistants so as to note any differences in the areas in question (ie. salary, time between graduating, attaining employment, etc.).

Results: Each question was reviewed for its structure, wording, sequence, and response rate. Some questions were considered simple and meaningful with their responses as complete and accurate. Furthermore, the comparison between the data from Pacific University and the data on the AAPA web site was useful in sighting differences.

Conclusion: The survey is beneficial to faculty of the Physician Assistant program and an update recommended survey was written for the program to send to future graduates.


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