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The Effect of a Computer-Based Back School: Pilot Study

1 May 2006


Back school is a common intervention used in the prevention and treatment oflow back pain by physical therapists and other heath care professionals. The purposes of this study are: 1) to determine the effects of a computer-based back school on participants' body mechanics, and 2) the degree of knowledge transfer from this form of intervention. The specific aims are: 1) develop a standardized computer-based back school, 2) develop a measure to assess body mechanics changes, 3) assess the degree of changes in body mechanics from pre to post intervention, and 4) determine the degree of knowledge which is transferred with this form of intervention. The study will be a one-group pretest-posttest design, performed on 10 individuals derived from a convenience sample. The participants' body mechanics and knowledge of back school concepts will be assessed pre-intervention and immediately post-intervention. Data will be analyzed using a paired I-test to compare pretest and posttest mean scores. Descriptive statistics will also be utilized. The information obtained from the study should inform us if a computer-based back school is effective in producing changes in body mechanics, and conveying knowledge of back school concepts.


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