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A functional outcome study on the use of movement re-education in chronic pain management

1 May 1997


Chronic pain can be a debilitating predicament for many individuals. Health care providers are continually challenged by its elusive nature and find it difficult to understand and treat effectively. A movement approach based on the work of Moshe Feldenkrais is one method used to treat chronic pain. The purpose of our research was to retrospectively study the effectiveness of Feldenkrais and/or yoga based therapy on level of function and perceived pain. A sample of 93 patients who had been treated in a chronic pain management clinic were the subjects of our study. Two Feldenkrais Practitioner Trainees and yoga instructors treated the subjects in the pain clinic. Personnel at the hospital mailed out questionnaires to all 93 subjects. Thirty-four subjects returned the questionnaires, and we analyzed the data of these responses. Our results suggest a trend that two years post-treatment, subjects displayed increased function, maintain higher levels of function, still use the skills they learned and felt that the Feldenkrais and/or yoga therapy helped them with their chronic pain.


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