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Ocular response to two extended wear modalities

1 May 2003


Purpose: To investigate the ocular reaction of two extended wear modalities by comparing ocular responses to the Ciba Night & Day vs. Acuvue 2.

Methods: Subjects wore Ciba Night & Day lenses continuously for 30 days extended wear and were monitored for hypoxia related complications. In phase two of the study, the subjects were switched to Acuvue 2 lenses on a 6 day extended wear schedule and monitored for the same criteria.

Results: The Ciba Night & Day Iens showed significantly less ocular response in Iirnbal injection, conjunctival staining, corneal neovascularization, conjunctival injection, and corneal staining. There was not a significant difference in the incjdence of epitheIia1 microcysts between the two types of lenses.

Discussion: In this study the usage of silicone hydrogel materials reduced the extended wear ocular responses that have been problems in the past.


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