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The Effect of Preoperative Physical Therapy Teaching Methods on Functional Outcomes Following Total Hip Replacement

1 May 2001


Background and purpose. There is little information on the effectiveness of preoperative teaching methods (one-an-one versus video) for subjects receiving total hip replacements (THR). The purpose of this study was to determine the effects of preoperative videotape instruction versus one-an-one instruction for patients prior to undergoing. THR surgery. Method. Eleven subjects were divided into two groups; six were shown a video, five were instructed one-on-one. Anxiety, functional independence measure (FIM), knowledge of hip precautions, and number of days to discharge were measured. Results. There was a significant difference between groups for age and number of days to discharge. All other differences did not reach significance. Discussion and Conclusion. In our study there was no difference in outcomes with the exception of number of days to discharge, which could have been affected by the significant difference in age. We conclude that teaching by video for this subject population seems to be as effective as teaching in person. However due to our small sample size further study is recommended.


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