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The effects of aerobic dance and relaxation therapy on intraocular pressure and blood pressure

14 December 1981


The ability of different forms of aerobic exercise to reduce intraocular pressure (lOP) has been reported. This investigation studied the effects on lOP due to physical exercise on a short-term basis. Thirteen adult subjects enrolled in an aerobic dance class were measured once a week, before and after a one-hour exercise session, for lOP, systolic, and diastolic blood pressures. A second group consisted of five adults taking a relaxation therapy class. The same measurements were collected from these subjects. For both groups, measurements were obtained over five weeks. Results from two factor analysis of variance for each individual group showed no significant decrease in lOP or blood pressures at the p < .05 level. It was therefore concluded that neither short term exercise programs such as aerobic dancing nor relaxation therapy could alter lOP or blood pressures significantly under the conditions existent in this study.


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