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Vision and tennis

1 April 1983


In this sports vision study we made an effort to answer two questions: (1) Can visual abilities (skills) be enhanced through vision trainfng? and (2) Can enhanced visual skills be transferred to better performance in tennis? We used two different statistical tests in analyzing the data we gath.ered, the students' t-test and analysis of variance (ANOVA). In answering the first question, using the students' t-test, the visual training group improved significantly (0.10 level or better) on 54.5% of the visual skills screening tests and 62.5% of the tennis performance screening tests whereas the control group improved significantly (0.10 level or better) on 27% and 25% respectively. ANOVA analysis showed significant ( .05 level or better) improvement on the part of the visual training group as compared with the control group on 45.5% of the visual skills screening measures and on none of the tennis performance measures. We fee 1 that no conclusive statements can be made with regard to the two questions which we attempted to answer mainly because our sample size was so small (n = 15). However, this pilot study serves as a good design with suggestions for future studies in vision and tennis.


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