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The CIM portfolio as learning instrument in the middle school: A case study

1 July 1999


After nearly 10 years of movement towards authentic assessment, Oregon has made gains in bringing students into the world markets and closer to the 21 st. Century Goals. The portfolio a the vehicle for the reform. Teachers, students, parents and, administrators have made gains in bringing effective, practical strategies into the portfolio collection process. The purpose of this research is to bring to light several practical strategies that teachers and students can use to execute the successful completion of the portfolio experience. Authentic tasks, scored with trait specific scoring guides, give comprehensive feedback to students. When students in middle school are taught to reflect, meaningful learning can occur. The single goal of the portfolio has long been the collection of tasks. If this trend remains, teachers and students will lose valuable opportunities to create life-long learners. The research recommends that the school site make specific changes in portfolio management and promote teacher and student focus on learning through reflection.


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