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Clearinghouse of a patient literature

1 December 1998


Although Pacific University College of Optometry has a tremendous amount of resources in terms of written, patient literature, it has not been put to use very effectively. There was a lack of an adequate system for inventory, organization, and distribution of these resources. Given this, the goal of our thesis project was to clearly define the problem within our clinic and organize the patient literature system in a coherent manner and promote their use in patient care. This thesis also investigates several new ways to make patient literature system at PUCO more efficient and effective, and suggests areas of future research in this topic. An inventory of brochures was taken and needed brochures were ordered according to the results of the faculty survey. Brochures were organized and displayed in convenient areas throughout the clinic. Then interns were made aware of these changes and were encouraged to utilize them in patient care. These changes were found to be effective and helpful in patient care in PUCO.


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