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Journals in physical education

14 July 1993


The use of journals in physical education was examined. The definition of a journal, forms journals have taken in classrooms, and writing in physical education were described in the review of literature. One broad question with three sub questions was asked prior to conducting the research. The large broad question asked: What are the outcomes of using journals in a fifth grade P.E. class? The three sub questions addressed the outcomes of student attitudes about writing in p" E. , extending the child's activities at home, and the journal's help in content comprehension. The conceptual framework includes two parts. One part is a type of journal called a learning log ( Walley, 1991 ). The second part" of the framework is the learning theory of Vygotsky which states that children learn from the use of journals because they are allowed to first move through the act of writing with someone who is more experienced and knowledgeable ( as cited by Staton, 1988 ). Project methodology incorporated the use of qualitative research. Methods used to gather data were a survey, tests, and home journal assignments. The narrative describes the occurrences and findings throughout the duration of the project. The conclusions section encompasses many thoughts. It concludes that the journal can be used in several ways to help aid comprehension and physical activities at home. Although a few of the students believed writing to be boring, most saw the benefits derived from it's use in physical education.


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