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Correlation between wrist strength of golfers and their ability to delay the uncocking of the wrists during the golf swing.

1 May 2002


Background and Purpose. There have been numerous studies that have investigated swing characteristics to improve the golfer's performance. These studies often focus on the wrist hinge and the ability of the golfer to delay uncocking of the wrist hinge during the golf swing. The current study explored whether golfers' ability to delay uncocking of the wrist hinge during the downswing was correlated to wrist strength.

Methods. The grip and wrist strengths of fourteen subjects were measured and correlated to the. ability to delay wrist uncocking. The SwingTrainer™ was used to determine the point at which uncocking occurred.

Results. The results of this study were unable to demonstrate a strong correlation between wrist and grip strength and the ability to delay uncocking.

Discussion and Conclusion. These findings suggest strength may not be as significant in the ability to delay wrist uncocking, but further investigation is needed.


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