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Creative arts across the curriculum: Their utility in the elementary classroom

20 January 1995


The purpose of this study was to observe various art activities present in the elementary classroom. The study researched how teachers use art in relationship with the general curriculum, in terms of integration and correlation. In addition, it was noted how these teachers acquired their knowledge of using art in connection with other subjects.

Viktor Lowenfeld and other authors are in favor of integrating the arts with the traditional subjects of math, science, social studies and reading, etc. These authors suggest that the arts help students gain experiences that make learning relevant to their lives. Also, the arts allow students a means of expression that is not traditionally taught in public education.

Six art activities were observed in two elementary classrooms. A major finding was that both teachers used art as a supplement to the general curriculum to make student learning more meaningful. A second conclusion was that grade level played a role in the teachers' choices to integrate art into the curriculum. Finally, most of the resources used by the two teachers were obtained through a collaborative effort among their colleagues.


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