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Factors Influencing Loneliness in Asian Students: Cultural Values, Parental and Peer Attachment

24 July 2006


The purpose of this study was to investigate factors that influence loneliness in Asian American students. The three factors of interest to this study included cultural values, parental attachment, and peer attachment. This study reviewed the empirical and theoretical literature on factors that influence loneliness in Asians, as well as investigating empirical relations among these variables. Participants included 105 undergraduates that identified as Asian for the full Asian sample, and 19 undergraduates for the loneliness subsample due to problems with some measures. Consistent with the literature, peer attachment was related to loneliness. This finding was particularly noteworthy given the small sample size. However, there was no relation between parental attachment and cultural values. Furthermore, there was no relation between Asian cultural values and parental attachment, but there was a relation between individualism and parental attachment. The results of the study indicated that peer attachment was significantly related to loneliness, and that individualism was significantly related to parental attachment. Implications regarding the three factors that influence in Asian American students are discussed, and suggestions for future studies are offered.


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