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Facebook: Use, personality, and well-being

24 July 2013


As our society moves toward greater integration with technology we are seeing more social interactions conducted through electronic means. An understanding of how individual factors affect use of communication mediated by social networking platforms, and the role of this communication in our global social interactions, is important in assessing the impact of our changing options for social contact. Within the present study, a total of 270 participants were recruited through links posted on the social networking site Facebook. The age of participants ranged from 18 to 67, with a mean age of 25.6. The majority of participants reported residing in the United States (n=244), identified as female (n=189), White (n=222) and as students (n=196, ranging from high school to graduate school). Interactions were found between personality traits and content the user uploads to the site, motivations for using Facebook, and consumption of content on the site. Additionally associations between well-being and receiving directed communication from other users were found.


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