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Pacific University responds to undergraduate results on The ACT Survey: An applied use of focus groups for self-evaluation

26 July 2002


This study was conducted to investigate the reasons underlying responses given by undergraduate students at Pacific University on the 2001 administration of the ACT Student Opinion Survey. The study concentrated on areas of dissatisfaction identified in the survey. The Administration was also interested in exploring students' opinions on ways to improve the areas in which they expressed dissatisfaction. Focus groups were used to elicit details from current junior and senior level students regarding these areas of interest: Career Advising, Financial Aid/Student Billing, and Student Voice. Upon analyzing the data, we found some unanticipated findings as well. Students expressed their opinions regarding academic advising vs. the Career Center, the procedural aspects of the Financial Aid office and Student Billing, and their need to be "heard" as a population. Unanticipated findings included the quantity of paper used on campus and the students' desire for access to information on how certain decisions are made.


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