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A survey of patient satisfaction at pacific university

10 May 1987


Questionnaires were sent to 150 patients of the Pacific University College of Optometry to determine the satisfaction of care given by the intern's and staff at the optometry clinic in Forest Grove, Oregon. The survey was limited to patients who had ordered spectacles after their comprehensive examination by a fourth year intern. The 150 patients had been wearing the spectacles for at least two weeks prior to receiving the questionnaire. Fifty-seven of the one hundred fifty patients responded to the survey for a 38% return. The results were compiled to determine the strengths and weakness of the Forest Grove Clinic. A demographic profile of the patients was studied to determine if a specific location had more "likes" or "dislikes" about the clinic than other locations. The survey did reveal the strengths and weaknesses in Pacific's delivery of health care, but it did not reveal any demographic predilection.


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