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A fitting guide for the Johnson & Johnson disposable contact lens

1 May 1990


This study was conducted with the hope of establishing a fitting guide for the Vistakon disposable lens system with the existing parameters. We wanted to see if the Acuvue lens is truly a "one size fits all" lens system. The subjects were selected based on an averaged keratometer reading, and categorized based on their flattest meridian (Kf). We used a -2.000 and a -4.500 lens on each eye. Each lens had to pass four fitting criteria, which were: centering, movement, retinoscope reflex, and subjective statement. The lens did not seem to fit a large percentage of eyes over a wide range of corneal curvatures. We expected a bell shaped curve distribution of the data, with not many lenses fitting extreme corneal curvatures. We found lower than expected pass percentages. We are providing the eye care practitioner with a table of percentages of successful fits based on corneal curvatures. We hope that this will aid the practitioner in determining who would be a potential disposable contact lens patient.


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