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Research Article

Limitations of Sensory Systems (LOSS) Assessment

20 January 2019


This checklist is designed to assess the degree of loss in families with children who experience sensory system impairments and in specific issues with limitations to insight and awareness of self and others. There are 100 items in the checklist and the lower the score the higher degree of loss experienced. This is a pilot paper for this assessment of losses experienced within families who have children with sensory limitations, and it is designed to gather input on the following factors.

Construct, Trait, Skills or Competency

Primary Factor

  • Integrative Reason

Insight, awareness, clarity of thought

  • Eco-System Development

Individuation, environmental control, resilience

  • Family Vision

Attachment, bonding, promoting values

  • Mindfulness

Time consciousness, worry-free parenting, validation

  • Expressed Communication

Openness, social connection, emotional connection

  • Positive Mental State

Family Joy, hope, future perspective

Positive Regard

Pride in family, pride in self, empathy


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