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A Guide to Scleral Lens Fitting

2 January 2011


A new version of this guide is available here.

[Revised edition posted 12.04.2013]

This guide is based on an extended literature search on the subject of scleral lens fitting and provides an overview of the latest knowledge and understanding on this exciting vision correction method.

This guide serves as an introduction to scleral shape, scleral topography and scleral lens design as well as a generic guide to fitting scleral lenses to help the practitioner get more comfortable with the concept of scleral lenses. It provides a general overview, supported by the main experienced scleral lens fitters worldwide. Its goal is to give practitioners a framework to oversee and integrate scleral lens fitting into their practices. Being a general overview, it can never cover all of the specific scleral lens designs available and cannot be a fitting guide for all lens types available.

Modern scleral lens fitting still is in its infancy, which makes it a modality with great potential. However, fitting scleral lenses is not very black-and-white, and many differences exist among fitters, cultures, manufacturers and countries. This clinical guide tries to find “common ground” among the mentioned philosophies. For specific lens fitting rules and guidelines, the lens manufacturer and the laboratory’s consultant and specialists have the most knowledge regarding their specific lens design, which practitioners should take advantage of.

This publication is supported by an unrestricted educational grant from Bausch + Lomb.


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Leitfaden für die Anpassung von Sklerallinsen (German edition; updated 12.04.2013)
22 Mar 2020
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Un guide pour l’adaptation des lentilles sclérales (French edition; updated 12.04.2013)
22 Mar 2020
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Guía para la adaptación de los lentes esclerales (Spanish edition; updated 12.04.2013)
22 Mar 2020
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