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Effect of induced changes in oculomotor posture on spatial judgment

1 April 1986


This investigative study was designed to determ1ne whether or not changes in oculomotor posture ( f1xat1on disparity end/or heterophoria) induced by prism wear have e consistent effect on spetal errors tn a visually guided motor task. Previous studies have demonstrated that inducing changes in heterophoria causes errors tn distance judgments, but little research has addressed the effect of f1xat1on disparity on spatial judgments. Theoretically. fixation disparity misalignments will cause a target to be perceived in a location other than 1ts ~tual position. Results showed that ftxat1on disparity (or heterophoria) cannot be used to predict the size or lreat1on of spatial errors; however, there was a trend toward longer distance judgments after base out prism wear. Parallels are drawn between optometric and psycho1~1ca111terature regarding oculomotor posture and spatial judgments.


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