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The efficacy of D-mannose in the prevention of recurrent urinary tract infections compared to long-term antibiotic therapy

12 August 2017


Background: Recurrent urinary tract infections are a significant problem in women and the current mainstay of prophylactic therapy is long-term antibiotic use. Based on recent studies, there is a possible natural remedy that could reduce the use of antibiotics for preventative medicine in recurrent urinary tract infections. This would decrease the chance of antibiotic resistance and the side effects of the antibiotics to the user.

Methods: An exhaustive search of CINAHL, MEDLINE-Ovid, MEDLINE-PubMed, and Web of Science with the search terms “D-mannose” and “recurrent urinary tract infection” was performed. Eligible articles were assessed using the GRADE criteria.

Results: The search provided two pertinent articles comparing the efficacy of D-mannose to antibiotic therapy. Kranjcec et al4 demonstrated that there was no significant difference between nitrofurantoin and D-mannose therapy, but the side-effects of the antibiotic were considerable. Porru et al5 displayed a significant decrease in recurrence of urinary tract infections in the D-mannose group compared to the trimethoprim/sulfamethoxazole group.

Conclusion: D-mannose may become a useful prophylactic therapy for recurrent urinary tract infections, but further studies need to be performed to determine the efficacious dose and frequency of the therapy.

Keywords: D-mannose and recurrent urinary tract infections


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