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Program development of an Organizational Consulting Track within the clinical psychology doctorate program at Pacific University

23 July 2004


The relationship between mental health issues and the organization is an interdependent one. An organizational consultant with a clinical psychology theoretical base is able to view the organization as client, while still taking into account the needs of the individual as vital to the effectiveness of the organization. The purpose of this dissertation was to assist the School of Professional Psychology (SPP) in developing a successful "organizational consulting track" by completing the preparatory groundwork steps. The need for such an organizational consulting (OC) track within a clinical psychology program is strongly supported in the literature. To augment the support found in the literature, extensive data were collected through interviews with members of the consulting psychology community, chairs of industrial and organizational (I/O) programs, editors, administrators and those in academia. The results of interviews with established professionals in consulting psychology also confirm a need in the community for such a program, as well as assisting in determining potential appropriate training sites for acquisition of practical skills. The dissertation next develops a model for an OC track by assessing the current academic course sequence and suggesting modifications or additions (e.g. curriculum development, faculty enhancements, etc.) that would be appropriate for an DC track. Finally, specific recommendations regarding course content and program structure are made for establishing an OC track at Pacific University.


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