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Optometric examination of children: A literature review

1 March 1982


This work is an attempt to bring together in one source basic information and techniques for optometric examination of children. Test values expected for different age groups are presented first in each section. The emphasis is on findings that differ from those of adults. Because of this, proportionaly more of the writing regards infants and young children as opposed to those above eight years of age. Following the expected findings are techniques offered in the literature that can be applied to children's testing. Because of the unreliable subjective responses, objective testing is emphasized. The review does not present all techniques in the literature, but attempts to provide basic practical data for a thorough examination of the young child. The areas considered are: visual acuity, refractive error, accommodation, oculomotor system, binocularity/fusion, color vision, visual perceptual motor, and ocular health.


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