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Minimum requirements and recommendations for a complete vision examination: A survey of requirements and recommendations from state boards of optometry

1 May 1997


A definition of a complete vision exam has never been universally acknowledged. Guidelines have been developed by many individual state Boards of Optometry and by the American Optometric Association listing specific requirements or recommendations for a complete vision examination. This study is a compilation of individual state Boards of Optometry's requirements and recommendations for "complete vision examinations." Letters were sent to all fifty state Boards of Optometry requesting information regarding their requirements and/or recommendations for complete vision examinations. Thirty-three Boards of Optometry responded with information. Ofthose, twelve have no requirements, three refer directly to the American Optometric Association's guidelines, and eighteen have a range of requirements and/or recommendations. Inconsistencies between state boards are more abundant than areas of agreement in terms of required/recommended procedures. Optometry would benefit from standard guidelines. This would give optometry more professional and legal leverage by virtue of decreasing inconsistencies that exist, increasing overall quality assurance of complete vision examinations, and providing a template for patient care.


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