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Attempts to manufacture a converging gradient index lens

11 May 1983


Attempts were made to manufacture a thin parallel-plate gradient-index converging lens by modifying techniques recently used by Mark Zilm to fabricate GRIN prisms. A metal washer, of 1/2" inner diameter, is placed on a glass microscope slide. It is then filled with a modified mixture of resin, one that allows the mixture up to 3 weeks to harden. Each washer has a small crystal, of 20 various designated salts, placed directly in the center of the washer, in hopes that it will diffuse across the resin before it sets and hardens, the desired index being highest near the center of the lens and gradually decreasing away from the center. It was discovered that none of the 20 salts is sufficiently soluble to be used successfully in manufacturing a GRIN converging lens.


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