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An Analysis of IUD Use Among Hispanic Women at Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Care Clinic

1 August 2000


Objective: This project examines the incidence of intrauterine device, (IUD), related complications experienced within a three year time frame at Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Care Clinic (VGMHCC). By comparing the occurrence of complications against those obtained in the World Health Organization,(WHO), 12 year study, a better understanding can be gained about this population and its' specific needs.

Methods: The project consists of a three year retrospective chart review of all patients who had an IUD placed, utilizing ICD-9 code 58300 only, patients who had an IUD placed and removed, utilizing both ICD-9 codes 58300 and 58301, and patients who had an IUD removed utilizing ICD-0 code 58301 only, during calendar years 1997-1999. All visits following IUD insertion were reviewed and analyzed for any complications related to the IUD. The results were then compiled and compared to those obtained by the WHO study. Due to the fact that this was a retrospective chart review no costs were incurred.

Results: Of the seventy-seven charts which met the criteria for review no significant difference was demonstrated in the incidence rate for IUD related complications as compared to the WHO study.

Conclusion: Patients at VGMHCC do not experience a higher incidence of IUD related complications than the incidence reported in thee WHO 12 year study. Clinicians working at VGMHCC can confidently continue to offer the Tcu-380A as a highly safe and effective family planning option to those patients who have been properly screened and selected.


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