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Prevalence of refractive errors, corneal arcus, and blood pressure readings in 2656 Indonesian subjects

1 May 1996


On a recent eye care mission to Indonesia, epidemiological information was collected on 2656 indigenous patients. Prevalence of refractive errors, corneal arcus and blood pressure readings were recorded and evaluated. The data from three different sites on the island of Java presented with a definite increased pattern of myopia amongst the youth ages 8 to 19. When compared to other nations, the average refractive error of Indonesians was slightly less hyperopic. Against-the- rule astigmatism had the highest occurrence when compared to other axis orientations, yet the overall occurrence of astigmatism was less than that found in western nations. An elevated prevalence of corneal arcus was discovered in this population. Blood pressure was found to be within normal limits when compared to western clinical standards.


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