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Promoting proficiency and acquisition in the French as a second language classroom

1 December 1993


The purpose of this study is to look at various teaching methods that promote second language acquisition. Research suggests that students need intrinsic motivation in order to master a second language. That is, relevance and interest in the curriculum, and the experiences of success in attempts to learn the material.

Through observations of a high school's French classes over a three month period, informal interviews with the instructors and a student questionnaire, I gathered information on what facilitates second language learning in the classroom. I gained insights from experienced, dedicated teachers and from students themselves. It is for them that a positive, facilitative environment in the classroom is recommended. By offering them tools of communication and understanding we empower them as individuals and citizens.

I hope readers find this study helpful and interesting in exploring other facets of second language teaching. Languages are bridges of communication between people and cultures.


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