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The effect of optometric treatment on asthenopia experienced by VDT operators

1 February 1984


Seventy three VDT operators at an Oregon electronics firm were asked to rate their visual symptomology related to VDT use. Nearly 55% of the respondents were classified as symptomatic. Smyptomatic subjects were given complete visual examinations. Twelve of these participants were asked to rate the effectiveness of both nearpoint and farpoint lens prescriptions after wearing each set of lenses in the same frame for a period of 4 weeks each. An in-plant visual screening was performed and recommendations were made regarding the accuracy of various optometric tests in/predicting symptomatic VDT operators. Both near and far lens treatment were shown to significantly reduce visual symptomology. Individual case analysis suggests that if the farpoint refraction is similar to the patient's habitual lenses, then nearpoint lenses may be warranted and preferred.


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