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Hypermedia: A new way of writing?

28 September 1993


This study examines the relationship of hypermedia to traditional writing and explores possible changes, influences, and effects hypermedia may have on traditional writing. The observations from this study are taken from a high school junior U.S. Culture class that integrates social studies, language arts, and HyperCard. This study contains information from published literature, interviews with three teachers about hypermedia's relationship to writing, 44 student responses from a questionnaire, and data taken from five months of classroom observation. The conclusions from this study found that students and teachers agreed that hypermedia was a form of writing, but not a new genre of writing. Students and teachers describe differences and similarities between hypermedia and traditional writing in this study. The information from this study suggests that with more technology, experimentation, and development of software, hypermedia may indeed become a new genre of writing in the future.


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