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Ocular effect of the Tabb-design contact lens

1 February 1980


The design of the present project was to acts a control for the past two orthokeratology studies undertaken at Pacific University to evaluate the orthokeratological effects of a Tabb-design PMMA contact lens. A statistical analysis of twenty-eight variables measured has shown that five of these variables changed significantly with respect to a Student t-test. These variables were the keratometry findings, photo-electric keratoscopy, visual acuity through the #7A Binocular, and edema. It is the contention of this study that a Tabb-design rigid PMMA contact lens modified to a 30 percent or less tear reservoir will not induce any orthokeratological effects up to a maximum of ten hours of contact lens wear. Wear time greater than 10 hours does indicate possible orthokeratology effects occurring and requires further investigation.


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