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Effects of alcohol on central and peripheral visual fields

1 May 1992


Tunnel vtswn ts a phenomenon that has often been attributed to alcohol intoxication. Past studies report conflicting results regarding the extent of visual field loss due to alcohol. This study attempted to resolve the conflicts in the literature and to determine if in fact peripheral visual field constrictions do occur. A population of 17 subjects, each acting as his own control participated in the clinical trials. Visual fields using the Humphrey Field Analyzer were run on each subject .before alcohol ingestion and shortly after reaching a BAC (blood alcohol concentration) of .08-.13, as measured by breath analysis. Results indicated a statistically significant increase (p=.013) in peripheral points missed. However, losses were random, not constrictive, and if mean losses were examined, the results were not clinically significant. While visual field changes did occur, the phenomenon of tunnel vision was not elicited.


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