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Why are you late? Tardiness in our high schools.

5 June 1997


This research project attempted to answer the following four questions: 1) What factors contribute to student tardiness?; 2) What factors contribute to student punctuality?; 3) What strategies do teachers use at my observation site that they believe are successful at reducing student tardiness to class?; 4) Based on this information, what new strategies (if any) could be developed?

The research required for this study was collected at a suburban high school south of Portland. The participants involved in the study were primarily sophomore general biology students. Information crucial to this study was gathered via direct observation, student interviews, a written student survey, and teacher interviews. To protect my participants' rights to privacy no names were revealed.

Data was collected in the form of student interviews, teacher interviews, a student survey, and direct observation of students during passing.

Information obtained from these research techniques was organized and relevant patterns analyzed. This research revealed several techniques that, when used consistently, could help minimize student tardiness to class. The search for ongoing techniques must continue, however, if tardiness is going to be a problem of the past.


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