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A minority at risk: Understanding academic success and the Latino student, a micro study

1 December 1993


In recent years, Latino students have gained the notoriety of being the minority with the highest drop out rates in the nation. How can we hope to change this and make the largest growing minority in the United States successful members of our society? Through observing and collecting information concerning four Latino students at Parkside Elementary School, a comparison was made on the academic success of the four students and the programs that have been established to service their educational needs.

Four types of programs were identified that currently help Latino students in Oregon. They are structured immersion, Chapter I-M, early-exit transitional, and late-exit transitional programs.

This study concluded that the majority of the programs servicing the Latino students are not addressing their academic needs. However, Latino students with confidence and an educational base in Spanish, their native language, have the highest probability of success in our educational system. The conclusion of the study is that Bilingual programs and other first language programs should be the aim of districts that have Latino students.


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