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Ocular anatomy histology Powerpoint presentation

1 October 2005


This project is a digital photo representation of ocular histology slides, chosen to represent the basic ocular anatomy course as taught at Pacific University College of Optometry. The purpose of this project is to facilitate the study of ocular histology without requiring access to a microscope and histology slides, or to an internet connection. This Microsoft Powerpoint presentation was prepared by topic using digital photos of the ocular histology slides at Pacific University. These photos were taken through the microscope with a four megapixil Olympus digital camera. Multiple photos were taken of each view of interest, and the best representations of given areas were included in the powerpoint presentation. Many of the photos were of sufficient quality that they were requested for use by Dr. Lee Ann Remington O.D .. Twenty-nine of the images were reproduced in the second edition (2005) ofher textbook: Clinical Anatomy of the Visual System. The series of powerpoint presentations, in their varying forms of evolution, have been freely available to students and faculty at Pacific University over the past two years through access to the College of Optometry Web-based server, Victoria. I have received feedback from several first year students. The program was used to assist their study of the laboratory portion of the ocular anatomy course at Pacific University. Those who used the program particularly liked the formatting and accessibility of the images. They were able to view and print the images while studying on personal computers. I have received other feedback noting the convenience of being able to make a single download and having the information on hand, particularly from students without internet access at home. While appreciated by the target audience for which the program was intended, there have been several critiques that the project is redundant. The information provided is viewed in the laboratory portion of the anatomy course, or available through several optometric and ophthalmologic university websites or publications. While this is true, it doesn't take into consideration the benefit to the projected users of the program; namely the ability to study regardless of microscope access or internet availability. Also to be considered is that several of the images are now available in Dr. Remington's new textbook, however I view this as an endorsement rather than a detraction from this thesis project.


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