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Vision impossible

16 December 1998


Vision Impossible was designed to help promote vision awareness to the general public as well as to help bring various health professions together and educate them as to the different visual demands that each profession may experience. Vision Impossible was also intended to be a fundraising event to help raise money for the renovation of Jefferson Hall. Ninety-four subjects, consisting mainly of optometry students, took part in two trial runs of a ten-event course, designed to challenge the visual system in various ways. The trial runs were conducted at Pacific University and were used to assess the efficiency of the event design and data was collected for normative purposes. However, Vision Impossible was unable to implement the originally designed fundraising event. Factors which contributed to this included flaws with some of the event designs as well as unavailability of equipment, inability to obtain donations for prize incentives, and logistical problems concerning the event location and timing. However, Vision Impossible did succeed in developing a final course design as well as obtaining normative results for these course events should this endeavor be attempted in the future.


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