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The use and development of computer applications for practice and training in personality test interpretation

29 July 1989


Computers increasingly represent an important opportunity in all areas of professional psychology including practice, business management, research and training. Advancements in computer hardware are outpacing the available software in psychology. There is increasing concern that much of the available assessment software is poorly designed, limited in scope, inadequately tested, dated, or invalid. Although psychological applications are increasing, combined applications which facilitate training and competent test-interpretation are curiously underdeveloped. Pertinent literature in computer-assisted assessment and training is reviewed. The use of a computer as a hypothesis generator is proposed to facilitate assessment training, practice and future development of assessment software. The operational characteristics and architecture of a computerized hypothesis generator are also proposed. A computerized hypothesis generator for the Rorschach Ink Blot Test was used as a heuristic in the process of formulating these recommendations.


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