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Test Adaptation and Translation For Use With People in the Latino Population in the United States of America: A Critical Literature Review

27 July 2007


Adapting measurements for the Latino population has gained increasing interest in recent years (Hambleton & Patsula, 1998). Several advances have been made in this area, including guidelines to translate and adapt tests (Hambleton & Patsula, 1998; Geisinger, 1994). In this critical literature review, published literature from the last 18 years (1989-2006) was reviewed to determine the most current means of adapting and translating tests, as well as the current views on this topic as applied to the Latino population living in the USA. A summary of common beliefs and values of the Latino culture is included. Areas for future research include the acculturation level of the individual as it applies to tests and measurements, the. effects of differences in culture on test results, item bias in testing, and the subjectivity of the individual administering and scoring the test.


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