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Behavioral optometric science student manual

1 September 2004


Purpose: To provide the first year optometry student with a simplified guide to behavioral optometry terminology and concepts. The goal is for the student to gain a better understanding of behavioral optometry throughout the first semester.

Methods: The coursework from Optometry 562 has been broken into four sections. Each author has written about one of these sections in her own perspective as another way to explain behavioral optometry. This publication is one of the four sections written. It covers types of refractive conditions, their etiology, and how to compensate for them. It also includes affects of stress on vision and theories on adaptation to visual stress both short-term and long-term. Lastly, classification and etiology of myopia is discussed to better understand this common refractive condition.

Other Authors of Manual: Katherine Chhor, Kristel Rogers, and Kim Schweiger


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