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What are the changes occuring in an elementary school as a result of the Oregon Educational Reform movement?

1 June 1998


According to state documents, Oregon's Educational Reform Movement leads the country in educational reform. Some proponents have questioned the validity of Oregon's reform, saying that actions are not actually taking place within the schools. The following study is a qualitative research project, focusing on the changes occurring in one Oregon elementary school prompted by educational reform. The study found that this school is implementing educational changes that not only match what Oregon's reform has promised, but changes that will soon be required throughout the state. The study investigated the following questions: How is one school implementing changes as an attempt to help the students' meet Oregon's improved educational standards? What kinds of educational programs is the school implementing to help the students' meet Oregon's improved educational standards? Why has the school decided on these programs? What kinds of preparation are the teachers receiving in order to adapt to Oregon's improved educational standards? How are teachers adjusting to this change? In what ways is the school faculty working together to reach the school's educational goals?


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