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Goldmann tonometry using Nikon's Tono Shields

19 May 1996


Goldmann tonometry, the gold standard for measuring intraocular pressure, has several recommended methods for disinfection of the biprism. The methods approved by the Center for Disease Control include chemical disinfection with isopropyl alcohol, hydrogen peroxide or a dilute bleach solution. These chemicals should eliminate all potential infectious microorganisms if the disinfection procedure is performed properly. However, these same chemicals may cause structural damage to the biprism after prolonged usage, which could result in inaccurate readings. Nikon has posed a solution to this problem by creating the Tono Shield.™ The Tono Shield is a single use, disposable, silicone shield that is placed over the tip of the tonometer biprism for each intraocular pressure reading. The measurements taken with a Tono Shield are consistent and accurate to within ±1 mmHg.


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